Recent changes to this wiki:

added more DNS servers which include dnstap
NSD, dnsdist and PowerDNS recursor support dnstap too
Provide link to dnstap command-line tool.
Update index.mdwn
Let's try this again.
Examples: Fix link to Knot DNS dnstap documentation
Update links to servers that support dnstap
Examples: Better link to Knot DNS dnstap documentation
Replace fenced code blocks with indented code blocks
It looks like Ikiwiki or its markdown engine has stopped putting <pre>
tags around ```-fenced code blocks. But it still works for indented code
blocks, so convert all the code blocks to the indent style.
Examples: Update link to Knot DNS documentation
Tutorials: Add warning about Tutorials/NANOG60 being outdated
Tutorials/NANOG60: Add warning at top
Source: Update Unbound now that dnstap support is mainline
index: Add OARC 2015 Montréal presentation
slides/dnstap-whoami_oarc2015_montreal.pdf: New
index: Actually use bold rather than italic
index: Use bold rather than quotes for presentation titles
index: Document dnstap support in Unbound 1.5.0 release and link Knot and Unbound release announcements
index: Link Verisign slides
index: Add Verisign Distinguished Speaker Series 2014 to Presentations
slides/dnstap_vldss2014.pdf: New
Examples: add Knot DNS section
index: mention Knot DNS in the introduction
Examples: clarify that unbound functions as a client to the AF_UNIX socket
Source: add note about protobuf-c 1.0.0
Examples: fix unbound/dnstap config syntax
index: add NANOG 61 to Presentations
slides/dnstap_nanog61.pdf: new
index: add video for NANOG 60
index: reorder, update presentations
slides/dnstap_esync2014.pdf: new
slides/dnstap_flocon2014.pdf: new
index: add warsaw presentation
slides/dnstap_oarc2014_warsaw.pdf: new
index: fix year number 2013 -> 2014
Tutorials/NANOG60: add links to dnstap gist samples
Tutorials/NANOG60: add dig
slides/dnstap_nanog60.pdf: new
index: use "Tutorial" rather than "Code" for the NANOG60 link
Tutorials/NANOG60: tweaks, fixes
Tutorials/NANOG60: fill out
Examples: "dnstap -s" -> "dnstap -u"
Source: update (fstrm, protobuf-c, golang-framestream, various tweaks)
Tutorials.mdwn: new
dnstap.setup: add Tutorials page to bootmenu
index: make the quotation marks consistent
index: add quotes around the presentation titles
NANOG60: update
index: change NANOG 60 code link to point to Tutorials/NANOG60
Tutorials/NANOG60.mdwn: new
remove dependency tree from the Architecture page
the dependency tree diagram is out of date now due to the removal of
libdnstap, addition of golang-framestream, etc., so delete it.
index.mdwn: update front page description, and add NANOG 60 links
index: add prose link to Source page
index: "DNS servers" -> "DNS software"
index: add link to github
add a new top-level "Architecture" page
favicon.ico: increase size to 32x32
index: add Architecture section with diagram
index/dnstap.png: new
dnstap.setup: disable htmlscrubber plugin
dnstap.setup: disable prettydate plugin
favicon.ico: different blue
Source: add link to Examples page
index: "Mailing list" -> "Community"
index: "command line" -> "command-line"
extract Source, Examples, About pages from index
index: use relative link for slide deck
slides/: new
dnstap.setup: enable rawhtml plugin
dnstap.setup: new
libdir/: new (bootmenu plugin)
local.css: new (from jak-linux)
index.mdwn: new
favicon.ico: new
templates/page.tmpl: new (modified from jak-linux)
bootstrap.min.css: new (from bootstrap 2.3.2)
CNAME: new
initial commit